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2015 Mazda RX-7

2015 Mazda RX-7

Story about the successor of Mazda RX-7 model has been told for several years, and now it appears that the new 2015 Mazda RX-7 model will be thrown on the market. Here is the latest information about 2015 RX-7.

Engine type for 2015 Mazda RX-7

By gathering the Information that has been circling the internet, Mazda is currently working on a new RX-7 model, which will be driven by atmospheric rotary motor with two or three rotors. This engine type has been already found in Mazda 2 concept car. Capacity of 1.2 liter rotary engine is equivalent to the 2.4 liter conventional combustion engine The engine will have a volume of about 1.2 liters and a power of 250 horses. It should be more reliable and more economical than other engines that have been used. Design of new RX-7 will be different that it’s predecessor and it will strive to be similar to the design of 2015 Mazda Miata. It is expected that this model will have a weight of approximately 1,270 kg.

2015 Mazda RX-7

Release date and price of new Mazda RX-7

If all goes according to the plan, the new 2015 Mazda RX-7 will be launched in 2015 or 2016 year, and will cost about $ 30,000.

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  1. wilfredo

    de hacer un nuevo mazda RX7 deben de hacerlo con verdadero poder y dejar atras los 200 y tantos caballos de fuersa es hora de brincar sobre los 300 caballos de fuersa para poder llamar la atencion de los seguidores a los motores rotativos y con un buen TURBO y all wheel drive y motor resistente con aguante maltrato de esta forma el lansamiento va a hacer un rotundo exito de echo debe benir 3 rotres va a hacer el rey por muchos años garantisado……

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