2014 Renault Latitude

Three years after the presentation of the Latitude, Renault has refreshed its luxury sedan called 2014 Renault Latitude. The pictures of 2014 Renault Latitude have been released on the internet. On them you can see the difference from the original base concept that has been presented. Designers have changed the front of the 2014 Renault Latitude, and it’s grille. The grid has become more discreet, with smaller details. And there is less chrome details on it.

On the new 2014 Renault Latitude have been restyled the front bumper and headlights with integrated LED lights. At the rear of the car changes are minimal and relate to graphics stop lights. The Renault hasn’t reviled any information, but it is expected that 2014 Renault Latitude gets more improvement  inside the cabin and technical equipment, also and new alloy wheel designs.

As far as the engine type,the new 2014 Renault Latitude should still be available with the 2.0 liter dCi that will produce 150 and 175 hp, and the 3.0 liter dCi V6 engine version that produces 240 hp. There are speculation that there could be used and 1.6 liter TCe turbo petrol engine  with 180 hp, which is already used in new Samsung SM5 (Korean sister model). This engine type is connected to an automatic EDC double clutch gearbox.

there are some indications and hope that the 2014 Renault Latitude. could be premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013 year. French manufacturer Renault has not had much success with this model, continuing a series of relatively unsuccessful Renault cars from the large sedan class.

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